Each department is listed in alphabetical order below with its head, deputy head (if applicable), and its subsidiary offices in alphabetic order below it.

If your lead asks you to do a task you are not comfortable with, please let them know so we can assign it to someone else. We want you to feel confident in your role, and most importantly, to have some fun helping out.

Some offices only need one person so are not listed on applications. Offices seeking more staff will have OPEN next to them.

Human Resources (HR)

Department Head: Kuru

Interview top-level positions prior to being hired by the Board.

Recruit Coordination and Gophers Team

Team Lead: OPEN

This office directs gophers and Recruits to where they are needed. Supervise sign-in and sign-out of recruits.

Apply for gopher if you just want to help pre or at-con, and we can find somewhere for you based on your skillset! Gophers are often assigned to help with lines, check badges, setup and teardown, or speed up the registration process. These small tasks keep a convention functioning when staff aren’t available and are a great way to see if you enjoy volunteering.

Information Technology (IT)

Department Head: Violet the Fox

AKA IT. This department manages, configures and maintains electronic equipment owned by the convention, and online systems used by the convention. Continually research new technical tools and processes that facilitate smooth operations across all departments.

IT is both a department and an office at present, and is OPEN for staff.


Department Head: Tani Coyote

Marketing is responsible for ensuring our convention is well-advertised and well-responsive to criticisms beyond the convention space itself, helping to make us bigger and better each year. Due to the nature of Marketing, a lot of its work is not on the con floor.

Chatroom Moderation Team

Team Lead: OPEN

Help LVFC moderate its various official chatrooms on Discord and Telegram. Ensure announcements and news are forwarded to these groups, and that questions from them are kicked up to management as needed.

Graphic Designer

Officer: Vanity

Help the convention design marketing materials, as well as decorations. This includes theme design, conbook design, signage design, and decoration design. (At present, graphic design also supervises staff artists to design work compliant with overall theme ideas)


Officer: Stell (singular position)

Capture professional photos and videos for the convention which can be used to generate publicity. With photos, taking attendees’ names where applicable so they can be referenced on social media.

Public Relations Officer

Officer: Tani Coyote (singular position)

Represent the convention in an official capacity with outside organizations: press, vendors, etc. Negotiate commissions on the convention’s behalf.

Social Media Officer

Officer: Khromatic (singular position)

Plan announcements, engage with followers, attract new followers, respond promptly to questions and concerns via our social media: Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Web Designer

Officer: OPEN (singular position)

Designing and maintaining our website.


Department Head: Sakara

Deputy Department Head: Kiro

The Operations department (not to be confused with the “Ops” office) is what allows all the other departments to successfully do their jobs at-con.

Attendee Welfare Team

Team Lead: Dodge Deluxeado

Manage lines. Ensure the general safety and well-being of attendees by monitoring for signs of dehydration and also avoiding escalation of disputes. Enforce the code of conduct and escalate to hotel security as necessary.

ConOps aka “Info Desk”

Team Lead: Kiro

Answer attendee questions and collect attendee concerns. Operate the Lost and Found. Communicate with other offices and departments to ensure equipment and staff are where they are needed.

Logistics Team

Team Lead: OPEN

Conduct load-in on Thursday and load-out on Sunday night. Haul and maintain equipment as necessary during the convention.

Party Maven

Position: OPEN

Manage the noisy block. Provide assistance to party hosts as needed. Ensure party hosts are enforcing age restrictions.


Department Head: Crake

Programming is the most front-facing part of the convention, putting together all the events and panels attendees enjoy. Programming manages dances, panels, main events, and also aids with accessibility and charity events.

Offices TBA: Dances, scheduling panels, accessibility, helping with charity events.

Audio/Visual Team

Team Lead: Leko Lightfox

Aka “A/V.” Carefully follow instructions from experienced people. Operate video and sound equipment. Make sure lights work as needed and sound equipment vibrates like having one too many coffees.

VIP Liaison

Team Lead: Kiro

Coordinate with Guests of Honor and Featured Guests to make sure their needs are met, and they are at scheduled panels and tables.

Fursuit Lounge Officer

Officer: OPEN (singular position)

Keep the fursuit lounge clean and stocked. Watch for signs of overheating on attendees.

Gaming Lounge Team

Team Lead: Kaz

Maintain the game lounge. Operate check-in and check-out of games. Manage tournaments. Secure games and equipment when room is not staffed.

Quiet Lounge Officer

Officer: OPEN (singular position)

Ensure Quiet Lounge users are largely quiet and not using the room to sleep. Ensure Quiet Lounge has supply of water.

Sales and Registration

Acting Department Head: Ari

Sales and Registration (Sales and Reg) is responsible for the convention’s cash flow. Most conventions keep them separate, but given our mailed badge system, we are keeping registration largely the same department for now.

Charity Officer

Officer: OPEN (singular position)

Plan new events to bring in money for charity. Operate charity auction on Sunday. Provide donation-handling support to charity events if needed.

Con Store Team

Team Lead: Rinorvarka

Operate convention store. Sell convention merchandise. Perform customer service as needed.

Pre-Reg Team

Team Lead: Fuji Coymutt

Most attendee’s first interaction with the convention. Check IDs. Distribute and ID verify badges. Hand out swag. Manage lines. (NDA required)

Registration Desk Team

Team Lead: Humphrey

Most attendee’s first interaction with the convention. Accept payments, process registrations, and print badges. Provide registration system support. Hand out swag. Cashier for charity events. Cash handling experience preferred. (NDA required)

Registration also distributes comps pre- and post-con.

Vendor Hall Team

Team Lead: Reuf

Manage Artist Alley and Dealers Den. Ensure compliance with vendor rules and assist vendors with tax paperwork. Manage lines as necessary.