Code of Conduct (current as of LVFC 2023)

0. Las Vegas Fur Con (LVFC) reserves the right to make adjustments or additions to these policies at any time, and you are responsible for adhering to the current version of these policies. LVFC will make every effort to announce major policy changes.

1. All attendees are assumed to have read and understood this Code of Conduct before receiving a badge. 

2. Las Vegas Fur Con (LVFC) staff and Southern Nevada Anthropomorphic Events (SNAE) will make every effort to maintain a safe environment for our attendees. However, it’s impossible to anticipate every possible source of injury or accident. By attending the con, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the con and its staff of and from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, losses, damages, lawsuits, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs, but only to the extent caused by, related to, or arising out of the work performed by the con. 

2a. You agree that LVFC and SNAE’s liability is limited to the cost of attendance.

3. All convention-issued badges are convention property until the conclusion of the event; failure to follow policies may result in revocation of your con badge and expulsion from the property, at the discretion of staff. You are not entitled to a refund or compensation if you are expelled from the convention. 

3a. Every attendee at our convention deserves respect and dignity and a feeling of safety. This in mind, the right to revoke memberships on the above basis is not limited to at-con behavior; year-round actions such as affiliation with hate groups or hate speech (as determined by the convention) are also grounds for badge revocation.

3b. LVFC reserves the right to deny or revoke attendance at any time for any reason. Upon attendance revocation, that attendee must surrender their convention badge to Staff and leave LVFC convention spaces immediately. 

4. Any action, behavior, or dress that causes significant interference with convention operations, significant discomfort to other attendees, or adversely affects the convention’s relationship with its guests, its venues, or the public is strictly forbidden. 

4a. General conduct rules: be kind and courteous to others. Do not block doors or pathways; step to the side. With regards to fursuiters, remember that they have limited visibility even if they appear to be looking right at you. 

4b. Obey all laws; what’s illegal outside the convention is illegal inside too.

5. Only government-issued photo IDs are accepted for registration/verification purposes. School IDs, employee IDs, etc. that are not issued by the government cannot be accepted. If you cannot present a government-issued photo ID which shows your legal name and birth date, we cannot give you a badge or verify it.

6. Convention attendees must wear their official convention badge at all times while in convention areas and it must be shown upon request to convention staff, security, or hotel staff. The badge will contain a badge name of your choosing (subject to staff approval), as well as a unique number. Altering convention badges in such a manner as to permanently obscure any of these elements renders the badge unusable. If your badge becomes unusable or is lost, it may be replaced for a charge of $5.00 per badge.

6a. Physical convention badges are non-transferable and only to be used by the person they are issued to. Swapping badges with others is grounds for expulsion from the convention for both individuals involved.

7. Smoking and vaping are not allowed anywhere in or around con space. You may only smoke or vape in hotel-designated areas. 

8. Although recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, no marijuana products are permitted anywhere inside or outside the building, including the parking lot, per hotel policy. 

8a. Other controlled substances are illegal in Nevada; we will contact authorities if you possess or sell any controlled substances. 

9. All gatherings at which alcohol is served or consumed must verify that every person consuming alcohol at the gathering is 21 years of age or older by checking government-issued photo IDs. Any gathering found serving alcohol to or allowing consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21 will be shut down immediately.

9a. Please drink responsibly and drive sober. 

10. LVFC accepts no liability for whatever may occur outside of convention spaces. Incidents that occur in a hotel room are the sole responsibility of the individual to whom the room is rented. This includes payment for any and all damage, responsibility for complaints levied against the room or area and any other issues that may arise. 

11. Mock Weapons Policy. No real weapons are permitted at LVFC. No paintball guns, no props with sharp edges, no silly string.

11A. Fake Weapons Sales.

  • No one under 18 may purchase weapons.
  • No wooden nor metal weapons may be sold.
  • There are no restrictions on sale of plastic, heavy cardboard, or fiberglass.

11B. Fake Weapons Cosplay

  • Metal and wooden weapons are strictly forbidden.
  • Fake firearms must have no magazine, and they must have orange/red tip.
  • Fake knives/swords must be plastic, fiberglass, or heavy cardboard, and tagged as safe by staff or hotel security.
  • Water guns and nerf guns are okay provided security can tell they are not actual firearms; they should be oversized to establish they are fake.

11C. Play fight scenes are grounds for having weapons confiscated and removal from convention.

11D. Other prop weapons (fake or peace-bonded) must be approved by LVFC’s convention operations team before being displayed at the convention. 

11E. When in doubt, always ask staff.

12. The following behaviors are prohibited in any public area:

  • Public displays of affection that are more extreme than hugging, kissing, back-scratching.
  • Excessively loud sound.
  • Disrespect of hotel staff or damage to hotel property.
  • Sleeping.
  • Display of any adult-themed subject matter.
  • Running, skateboarding, or use of hoverboards or wheeled footwear.
  • Operating drones or radio-controlled flying devices.
  • Throwing objects.
  • Selling goods or services outside of LVFC-designated areas for commerce. 

13. Portable speakers may be used inside con space only, so long as it is an area where people can easily walk away from you. Music must be kept to 60 dB at 2 inches or lower. 

13a. Musicians must follow this rule unless they are part of a stage event. Musicians may not play with their case open or ask for money. 

14. Dress Code.

Unless otherwise specified, all dress is expected to remain PG-13 maximum in both con space, between rooms, and the lobby.

To avoid disturbing other hotel guests, please cover up suggestive attire when going between your room and the con space. 

14A. General Con Space/Lobby Dress Code.

  • ONLY on buyout dates (Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 2024), the following are allowed across all of property:
    • Pup hoods.
    • Latex suits (after 10 PM).
    • Harnesses over fursuits, but NOT over bare skin.  
  • Attendees must wear appropriate attire up to and including opaque shirts, pants/shorts, and footwear. 
  • Appropriate undergarments must be worn under bodysuits e.g. dance belts.
  • The following are not permitted at Las Vegas Fur Con:
    • Any attire that is genuine or gives the appearance of being non-fictional military or law enforcement attire with the exception of currently serving military or law enforcement personnel who may wear their duty uniforms.
    • Any attire which allows for the features of a person’s genitalia to be viewed
    • Armbands
    • Symbols perceived as hate symbols as determined by our staff
    • Leashes (with one exception, see 14B)

14B. LVFC After Dark Event Dress Code. This applies only to the LVFC After Dark area (Rooftop, Zeus and Parthenon ballrooms Saturday 9 PM-2 AM for 2024). Attendees are expected to cover up between their room and the AD Event; a coat check is provided.

  • The following are allowed ONLY at the LVFC After Dark event:
    • Exposed padding (must be dry).
    • Plush sheathes and scrotum, but not plush genitalia.
    • Harnesses over bare skin.
    • Leashes, but they may not be held by others.
    • Jockstraps.
    • Exposed buttocks, but not anus.
  • The following are prohibited at LVFC After Dark:
    • Exposed nipples, regardless of gender identity.
    • Exposed genitals, pubic hair or anus.
    • Secretions of bodily fluids/solids.

15. LVFC has a strict no harassment (verbal, physical, sexual) policy. Always ask before touching someone, even for a friendly hug. Many attendees wear costumes, but this does not imply consent to be touched. 

15a. If you are feeling threatened, harassed, or stalked, clearly tell the person to stop before reporting them to con ops. 

15b. Remember there are other guests in the hotel who are not here for the con. They deserve the same respect as attendees: do not touch, hug, or take photos of them without their permission.  

16. Any attendees engaging in behavior which endangers life or property will have their badge revoked immediately and may be barred from future events organized by SNAE. 

17. By attending LVFC, you are authorizing our staff members to take your picture in the convention area for promotional use only. We will always try to ask first, but it is possible you will end up in the background.

17a. If you find yourself in one of our promotional pictures and want to be removed, ask and we will be happy to blur you out or use a different picture. You have no claim or ownership over any pictures taken by a con staff member for promotional use. The convention will never sell these pictures or give them to any media entity for non-promotional purposes. 

18. Anyone is welcome to take photos and video for personal and non-commercial uses. Please make your best effort to not photograph or record people who don’t want to be filmed. Always ask the main subject if a photo is okay, and be willing to blur or remove background people if they ask you to. 

18a. Cameras are forbidden in some areas of the con, such as the Fursuit Lounge and the Art Gallery. 

19. Commercial media may only take photos or videos with advance permission from the convention; please see our media policy for information on receiving press passes.

20. Do not place flyers, signs, or business cards in any public hotel spaces, such as tables, bars, and hallways. Flyers must be placed inside our convention space only. 

20a. We will throw away any postings outside con space or any postings that are offensive, inappropriate or pornographic. 

20b. Do not hang up flyers or posters on the walls. 

21. Only vendors approved by the con may sell goods and services at-con. 

21a. Nobody may sell raffle or drawing tickets. 

21b. We do not allow hand held signs advertising anything in exchange for anything else. 

21c. Signs offering free things are okay.

22. LVFC values accountability and responsibility to our community, and this applies to our staff. If there is a staff member being rude or inappropriate to you or others, please report it at the volunteer desk or Con Ops. The sooner we’re aware of misbehavior, the sooner we can address it. 

23. LVFC no longer offers refunds once pre-registration closes. 

24. Please maintain proper hygiene. We advise that you follow the 6-2-1 rule: every day, get 6 hours of sleep, 2 proper meals (soda and chips do not count), and 1 shower. 

24a. Staff reserve the right to ask you to leave con space if you are the source of a noticeable smell (except those caused by medical issues).

25. If you are aware of a life-threatening emergency, immediately call 911. 

Your health and safety are paramount – even in cases of life-threatening drug reactions or overdoses, including your own, immediately seek help; you are protected from legal trouble per NRS chapter 453C.

26. We want every attendee to have a safe experience, but do not have the staff to monitor everywhere at once. Report all issues to Con Ops or other staff members to help us quickly address them.

27. None of the above rules supersede hotel rules. 

27a. Our convention and its members are guests of the hotel; we must follow all hotel policies. This includes keeping noise to acceptable levels inside hotel rooms to avoid inconveniencing other guests. 

27b. Do your part to respect the hotel: take a moment to pick up trash, leave good tips if you can afford them, and above all else respect the hotel’s property and employees. This is our first year, and we want to make sure we leave a positive impression!

28. Hotel rooms in LVFC’s room block are meant for the individual who books them and any roommates of choice; more specifically, they are meant for people who will be attending the convention. Individuals who can no longer attend may cancel or transfer their reservations to others (as allowed by the hotel in question), but there should be no profit from this transaction. Room ‘scalping’ is strictly prohibited within LVFC’s room block.

29. SIlly string, confetti, glitter and other mess-producing items are forbidden in convention space. Any attendee, vendor, panelist, or other individual identified as using these items will be expected to reimburse the convention for any cleaning fees it incurs.