Party Policy

Friday and Saturday

The hotel has waived its “no party policy” for Friday and Saturday. As part of this, the convention has agreed to a $30,000 Food and Beverage minimum for Friday and Saturday. LVFC appreciates any purchases you make at the hotel restaurant, bars, or food carts, as these contribute to the minimum.

Noisy Block: We have designated the Extended Stay room type – the 5 buildings towards the back of the hotel – as our Noisy Block. The extended stay rooms cost at least $40 more per night, but come with a stovetop and full-size refrigerator, making them perfect for baking for guests.

If you book one of these rooms, you agree to not file noise complaints to the hotel on Friday and Saturday night. However, please observe the following courtesies:

  • If there are any noise complaints, please direct them to our Party Maven, who is on shift until 2 AM. On Friday and Saturday night, the convention is responsible for noise complaints.
  • Parties should begin to quiet down after 2 AM.
  • Avoid the use of subwoofers, yelling or howls. If it is becoming difficult to hear people talk, your party is likely getting too loud.
  • While noise complaints are limited in the Noisy Block, the convention can still ask you to quiet a room down if it reaches sufficiently loud levels, e.g. 90 decibels.


  • It is your responsibility as a host to make sure all guests are properly ID’d before being served alcohol. The convention intends to provide 21+ wristbands that are not readily removed to make this easier, but you should still use good judgment and ID people if you feel it necessary.
  • The LVFC staff reserve the right to still ask for IDs regardless of wristbands and other identifiers.
  • If you are found serving alcohol to people under the age of 21, you will be reported to authorities and banned from the convention. Your room will also be forfeited without a refund.

General Room Party Policy

  • Please serve your guests responsibly. If someone is getting too drunk, please stop serving them and give them water or another drink instead. You may also call the Party Maven for assistance.
  • You are responsible for any damages to your room. Please contact the Party Maven or LVFC staff if any guests get out of hand.
  • Parties may be shut down if they are causing disturbances to guests or hotel property, at the discretion of LVFC.
  • Fog machines and open flames are prohibited.
  • Southern Nevada Anthropomorphic Events and Las Vegas Fur Con assume no responsibility for room parties; party hosts and guests violate laws or codes at your own risk. Hosts of room parties accept full responsibility for any damages or loss related to their party and the hotel room including but not limited to fees for cleaning, property damage, and room resets.

Thursday and Sunday

We do not have full control of the hotel these nights, so there is no party/noisy block for the convention on these nights.

Thursday and Sunday, the hotel has a “No Party Policy” with a limit of four (4) people per room. We share the hotel with non-attendees and so you are expected to keep noise to a minimum within your hotel rooms. On these nights, hotel security handles noise complaints, so we advise you to comply with the hotel’s rules. The hotel does not give warnings and will evict on the first offense.