Welcome to Las Vegas Fur Con’s first ever dance competition! Dance comp is one of the most exciting events of any convention, and we are pleased to be bringing it to LVFC–all it needs is you! We encourage you to sign up and think of this event not just as something to enjoy and have fun with, but also in helping to create a friendly and creative environment for the furry dance community.

Sign Up

To sign up for the Dance Competition, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/WwMgwe3Zj6u5RfzNA

Online signups will close on March 27, 2024. We must have your audio file by this deadline! You will receive a confirmation email that you have signed up and your audio file was accepted.

You will need to provide a valid email we can contact you at. We also highly encourage you to join the Telegram chat to get the latest updates and information, as well as be able to communicate directly with the event organizers.

All signups must be submitted online. There will be no at-con signup available.

We understand plans can change and should you no longer wish to participate after signing up, we would very much appreciate it if you inform us by email.


LVFC’s Dance Competition requires that all performers adhere to these rules to ensure that the event is as fair and safe as possible:

  • Costume: All performers must perform in fursuit–no other costumes are eligible. At a minimum, that means:
    • Your costume is of an animal (or “animal-like species” such as Gryphons, Dragons, Protogen, etc.)
    • Head or mask which fully encompasses the head
    • Handpaws
    • Tail
    • Feet paws. “Happy Feet” oversize “shoes” are allowed in lieu of feet paws. If other kinds of feet wear are required as part of the act, we can make exceptions for specific footwear. Please contact the organizers with your reasoning & we can discuss.
    • No skin shall be showing.
    • Clothing and accessories worn with your fursuit must abide by the convention attire policy. 
    • No “adult” accessories such as sheaths, etc. may be worn or shown.
  • Choreography: Performers must use their own original choreography or improvised freestyle for their dance. Some limited choreo which is not your own is acceptable on a case-by-case basis and should be made known to the organizers either during sign up or prelims (for example, using a few Michael Jackson moves in a MJ tribute dance would be acceptable).
  • Audio: The audio file you use must be in high-quality MP3 format. The file should be named with the following format: DANCERNAME_LVFC2024.mp3 where “DANCERNAME” is the dancer name you signed up with or the group name for group entries. 
    • Audio must be between 1:30 and 2 minutes. Your audio may not exceed 2 minutes in length. Audio longer than 2 minutes will be faded out at the 2 minute mark.
    • Music with explicit lyrics is permitted for this event.
  • Props: Props may be permitted at the discretion of the event organizers and will require inspection prior to entry into preliminaries. Large heavier props such as baseball bats, staves, golf clubs, etc. will not be allowed. This is to ensure the safety of the event.


In order to encourage more signups and due to staffing and availability of space, we have decided to suspend prelims for this event.

No prelims are necessary. Simply sign up and show everyone what you have!


All finalists should arrive 1 hour prior to the start of the event. The event rundown, dancer order, and other important information will be given at that time. Finalists will also verify their audio track with A/V during sound checks at this time, and they will be able to warm up and practice. All finalists will be called backstage before the doors open and will be required to remain there for the duration of the event, except when called to perform. The backstage area will have accommodations for fursuiters. Few handlers will be permitted backstage during the event due to space constraints, however handlers are permitted to enter the ballroom early with you and secure seating first. We will have at least one volunteer backstage to help notify you when to get ready and assist you on and off the stage.

Finals Format 

Performances will be held on the main stage facing the audience. Finalists will be called to perform in a predetermined order. Expect to be called to standby during the performance before yours so be sure you are ready, with your head on at that time. When that performance ends, you will be directed towards the stage to perform. After your performance, the judges will give any comments they have and you will return backstage until the end of the competition.

Finals Judging

Finalists are judged by a panel of multiple judges. They will evaluate each performance individually and their scores will be tallied after the last competitor performs.

Judging Criteria:

  • Foundation – Use of fundamental dance concepts such as levels, angles, steps, and effective use of the space provided. The roots of a chosen style. The building blocks of finer technique.
  • Execution – Quality of the approach to movements used. The degree of body control and awareness. Cleanliness and readability.
  • Expression – Intensity, energy, emotion, and confidence displayed. Storytelling through movement.
  • Musicality – How well the performance illustrates the music. Demonstration of musical mastery beyond the basic beat. Detail in timing.
  • Creativity – The originality of the routine including interesting or unexpected moves and variety. Use of difficult tricks and “wow” moments to good effect. Use of the costume itself in creative ways.
  • Overall Impression – How well each aspect of the routine works together. How well it connects with the audience and judges. The impact the dance leaves with you when it’s over.

Each criteria is scored on a scale and tallied for every performance. The top scoring finalists will be announced as the winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. In case of a score tie, judges will deliberate and decide on the final placements.

Exhibition Showcases

Exhibition showcase performances are not considered competitive and will not be scored. They are for entertainment purposes and may or may not be used in the overall show. Examples include judge showcases or entries by community dancers who are invited to do an exhibition performance. Because they are not competing, exhibitions may not strictly adhere to the competition requirements.


If you have any questions, please contact the dance events coordinator at dancecomp@lasvegasfurcon.org.

Good luck! We are excited to see you, dancers!