Dealers Den Applications

Applications will be made via ConCat (the same software used for registration) and open Thursday, September 29th, 2022!

Contact: Questions regarding Dealers Den should be directed to or our Twitter.

In order to protect diversity of products and vendors, LVFC does not assign vendor space randomly nor first-come, first-serve, but instead judges each vendor. We encourage you to give as much detail as possible in your application.

Prices for our Dealers Den are as follows:

  • 5×10′ Booth: $70. Comes with one 8’x30″ table and two chairs.
  • 10×10′ Booth: $130. Comes with one 8’x30″ table and one 8’x18″ table and two chairs.
  • Additional 8’x30″ table with two chairs: $50, subject to availability
  • Include Electricity: +$50

In your application, please note if you do not require one of your tables. This allows us to move tables around to where they are needed.

The first round of applications will be reviewed starting Monday, October 3rd, 2022. In the event extra spaces are left (a possibility with year one), we will keep applications open indefinitely until we approve enough vendors to fill the space.

Assuming your application is approved, you will have one week to log in to ConCat and pay table and electric fees (if applicable). Failure to pay will result in being placed on our waiting list.

If for some reason you are unable to make the convention, please let us know by March 14, 2023. After that date, refunds are subject to our ability to resell the table.

General Vendor Rules

LVFC reserves the right to not give space to vendors and artists with a record of poor behavior such as not fulfilling commissions, being rude or threatening to staff and attendees, or having history of these (or other violations of our Code of Conduct) at other events. LVFC may revoke booth space for violations of the following policies:

  1. All vendors are expected to show up for setup on Thursday of the convention.
  2. Badges must be purchased separately from booths. All vendors and assistants must have badges on within the Den.
  3. 18+ material must be hidden from view and require ID checks if you are in the regular Dealers Den. If vending in the Neon City (adults only) space, you may show them openly without ID check. Please note if you are an adult-oriented vendor in your application so we can try to prioritize you for Neon City or censored. We will be performing ID checks for people entering the Den. The exception to Rule 3 is the Night Market, where all 18+ materials may be displayed openly; LVFC will be ID checking anyone entering the Night Market.
  4. Goods sold in the Dealers’ Den must not be counterfeit nor infringe on third party copyright.
  5. Flashing lights and sounds must not disrupt other vendors or attendees. Repeated violations of this rule will result in removal from the Dealers Den.
  6. Dealers are expected to have their booth open for all hours Dealers Den is open. If you must leave early, please leave an assistant in charge or inform a Dealer Den staff member of the situation.
  7. Dealers must refrain from taping, nailing or otherwise adhering objects to hotel or venue wall, door or surface. These can incur fines from the hotel, which the con will ask dealers to reimburse us for.
  8. Dealers will be asked to reimburse the con for any charges resulting from damages to tables.
  9. Dealers consent to possibly being photographed or videotaped by LVFC staff while recording promotional videos and photos.
  10. No food or drink is allowed to be given or sold. This includes prepackaged food.
  11. Items with a strong odor must be kept in sealed containers to avoid disturbing other vendors and attendees.
  12. Mock weapons may be sold, but only to attendees 18 or older. Mock guns are not allowed to be sold or displayed.
  13. Vendors may not move or switch their tables with other vendors or spaces without the consent of the convention’s Dealer Den staff.
  14. Overhead displays may not be more than 8 feet off the ground.
  15. Vendors must keep walkways clear for attendees.
  16. By selling with LVFC, vendors agree to not hold the convention liable for any loss or damage. The convention does lock the Dealers Den after hours, but cannot guarantee the safety of any merchandise left overnight in the Dealers Den.
  17. LVFC Dealers Den staff have the final say on what violates these policies.
  18. These policies may be revised at any time. Dealers will be informed of these changes, but must be compliant.

Tax and Licensing Law

All dealers must be compliant with tax and licensing law before opening sales: they must either show a Nevada sales tax license (if dealing at two or more events in Nevada per year), or receive a one-time sales tax return form from the convention.

You must collect sales tax (currently 8.38%, subject to change) on all sales at your table or booth. You may either apply the tax on top of your prices, or include it in your prices; if you choose the latter, you must have a notice somewhere saying sales tax is included in the price.

If you have your own Nevada tax license, it is your responsibility to display this license at your booth and to remit sales taxes on your own. If you are using the one-time sales tax return, you will return your sales tax return form and the tax due to Las Vegas Fur Con to remit on your behalf.