DJ Applications

No furry convention is complete without dances at night, and that means we are looking for talented people willing to DJ and play music for us! We must emphasize that DJing with us is a volunteer commitment. We do offer complimentary Attendee badges to each DJ in exchange for a one hour set, but otherwise, there is no compensation.

Badge compensation: You must create your account with LVFC on ConCat before the convention to receive your badge comp.

Deadline: All applications are due January 13, 2024.

Questions: Please direct all questions to

By DJing with us, you agree to the DJ Code of Conduct:

DJs will adhere to all the rules laid out in the Code of Conduct: Any content found in violation of these policies will have their performance stopped and will be removed immediately and potentially barred from future events organized by SNAE.

  1. LVFC has a strict no harassment policy (physical, verbal and/or sexual).
  2. No content engaging in behavior which endangers life or property.
  3. Avoid topics of a political, controversial, or inflammatory nature.
  4. LVFC convention dress code applies. See Code of Conduct section 14.
  5. DJs will adhere to the COVID 19 Policy.
  6. DJs will not encourage unsafe practices when performing on stage this includes but is not limited to:
    a. Inciting Riots
    b. Mosh Pits
    c. Acts that endanger, life, property and gear
  7. Have Fun!

Applications are selected using some of the following criteria:

  • Availability: Dances run Thursday to Sunday. The more nights you are available, the more chance you have of receiving a slot (IE: If you only put Saturday, you are less likely to have a slot). We consider ALL slots at the convention as ‘Prime’ slots. We do not have “Headliners'”.
  • Genre: We try to ensure we have a good mix of all genres while also ensuring we are meeting the expectations of the organizers and our attendees. While not a priority, what genre you choose to play determines where you fit in our shows line-up. If you play a different Genre, than what you list in your application, it can potentially affect your eligibility for future years.
  • Sound Quality: Is your music at 320kbps or higher? Lower bit rates tend to sound very poor on larger systems. If you’re using low quality files our audio team is going to have a tough time making you sound good during our dances. Audio ripped from sites like YouTube or illegally downloaded are often low quality and it will show. Only use high-quality files or recordings in your mixes. Note that both Soundcloud and Mixcloud support 320kbps files.
  • Technical ability: Can you mix? Beat-matching ability, harmonic mixing, style, and overall flow are just a few things we look at. Do you mix song to song, or does your entire mix have an energy arc? Do you change it up? Do you tell a story? Do the tracks you select fit well together or is it a mish-mash? Is your mix from a live show so we can see how you respond in a live situation?