DJ Applications

No furry convention is complete without dances at night, and that means we are looking for talented people willing to DJ and play music for us! We must emphasize that DJing with us is a volunteer commitment; we do offer complimentary Attendee badges to each DJ in exchange for a one hour set.

Deadline: All applications are due January 31st.

Notes Before Applying

Availability: DJs are welcome to note time slots and nights they are open to performing. Flexibility will increase your chances of being selected.

At present, LVFC has dances Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in Main Events.

We will also be accepting applications for the rooftop party and will have more details in the future once we can confirm the space. Bear in mind the rooftop setup will be smaller as we can only use the rooftop in the event of good weather.

Genre: Please note the genres you perform. We do try to preserve genre diversity.

Sound Quality: Is your music at 320kbps or higher? Lower bit rates tend to sound very poor on larger systems. If you’re using low quality files our audio team is going to have a tough time making you sound good during our dances. Audio ripped from sites like YouTube or illegally downloaded are often low quality and it will show. Only use high-quality files or recordings in your mixes. Note that both Soundcloud and Mixcloud support 320kbps files.

Compensation: At present, DJing at LVFC is entirely a volunteer act; we comp Attendee badges for 1 hour sets, Sponsor badges for 2 hours, and Super Sponsor for 3 hours, but you are responsible for your own room, board and transportation.

Please apply below!

Name as you will appear in our lineup.
What genre describes your music?
Please list any events you have DJed at, if applicable.
On Sunday, dances can only run until 10 PM.
Each hour comps an additional badge level, up to 3 for Super Sponsor.
Please link a recent sample of your DJ work here for our team to review. This could be a Youtube video, Soundcloud, etc. Live shows are preferred.
Please note any equipment needs in case you are unable to bring your own gear.