Artist Alley Applications

Our Artist Alley will be split between Featured Artists, who are pre-selected by the convention and have their space for 3 days, and Guest Artists selected by lottery (it is possible to win multiple days). All artists will have their attendance and booths marketed by the convention to increase their sales.

Our artist alley will require a convention badge for both selling and buying.

Contact: Questions regarding Artist Alley should be directed to or our Twitter.

Guest Artists Lottery for 2023

Lottery Details

Artists may apply for a half-table or full table for each of the three days of the convention. Tables are approximately 8’x30″.

  • Half-tables: FREE!
  • Full tables: $30 (Friday), $40 (Saturday), $30 (Sunday).

If you plan to sell with a full table for more than one day, we highly recommend applying for a 5×10′ booth as a Dealer, as a full table costs $70 for all three days.

Electricity is not available for Artist Alley tables.

A convention badge is purchased separately from the table.

The initial lottery has closed. If we have empty spaces, we will release them at a later date.

Note that LVFC is holding several artist tables in reserve as it books guests so will possibly have at least two waves of lotteries.

Terms and Conditions

Artists found to violate the Code of Conduct within or outside the convention, including having a reputation for not finishing commissions, may have their table forfeited. There are various policies for the Artist Alley, and failure to follow them could result in table revocation:

  1. Artists are expected to show up at their table and set up before opening. Failure to arrive by opening will result in the table spot being forfeited and being offered to another artist known to be on-site.
  2. Artists may leave early, but are discouraged from doing so.
  3. Artists must clear their table at the end of Artist Alley hours. An exception may be made if the artist has a table the following day, or if they are a Featured Artist.
  4. By selling with LVFC, you agree that the convention is not liable for any lost or damaged merchandise.
  5. Artists must avoid nailing or adhering objects to the venue/hotel walls, doors, or other surfaces.
  6. You may sell 18+ material, but if not in an 18+ area (Neon City), you must keep your work obscured from view and ID check anyone willing to view it. If you plan to sell 18+ work, let us know so that we can try to place you in Neon City to limit your and our liability.
  7. Artists consent to possibly being photographed or videotaped by official convention photographers.
  8. Overhead displays must not be more than 8 feet off the ground.
  9. Artists must keep walkways clear for attendees.
  10. LVFC may revise these policies at any time. Artists will be informed of any changes and are expected to be compliant.
  11. LVFC staff have the final say on what counts as violations of these policies.

Tax Law

All dealers must be compliant with tax law before opening sales: they must either show a Nevada sales tax license (if dealing at two or more events in Nevada per year), or receive a one-time sales tax return form from the convention.

You must collect sales tax (currently 8.38%, subject to change) on all sales at your table or booth. You may either apply the tax on top of your prices, or include it in your prices; if you choose the latter, you must have a notice somewhere saying sales tax is included in the price.

If you have your own Nevada tax license, it is your responsibility to display this license at your booth and to remit sales taxes on your own. If you are using the one-time sales tax return, you will return your sales tax return form and the tax due to Las Vegas Fur Con to remit on your behalf.