Guests of Honor

Las Vegas Fur Con bestows the title of “Guest of Honor” (or GoH) onto those individuals (and groups) who we feel have made strong contributions to the furry fandom as well as its broader community and culture.

Las Vegas is a diverse city, home to one of the most diverse university campuses in the United States and a place people come from all backgrounds not just for tourism, but to try and build new lives and seek out new opportunities. Our city’s innate diversity in mind, we work to represent marginalized groups such as BIPOC communities in our Guest of Honor choices.

In terms of convention activities, Guests of Honor are at the center of convention programming, and we work to create various panels and events where it is possible to interact with these talented guests.

We are proud to introduce the Guests of Honor for 2024:

Rahne / DJ Addix

Rahne is a dancer, DJ, writer and Twitch streamer from northern California.

An avid fursuiter, Rahne has been dancing and performing on stage for years across multiple conventions, as well as concerts and music festivals for artists including Arty, Dillon Francis, Showtek, Diplo, Adventure Club, Steve Angello and more.

In addition to DJing at cons, Rahne has played multiple fanclub sets on Anjunabeats’ Twitch channel, as well as the ABGT Weekender music festival at the Gorge Ampitheatre. From the onset of the pandemic, he began regularly livestreaming on Twitch, with long DJ streams and his Barking With podcast, where he has interviewed multiple dancers, photographers, DJs and more, including several artists from Anjunabeats. On his social media, he regularly posts dance videos, skits, and video essays on various topics surrounding the fandom.

You can follow Rahne on Twitch or Twitter!


Ro is a furry artist with 20 years in the fandom and a lifetime spent living in Las Vegas. Their work in the local entertainment industry has immersed them deeply in the city’s unique history and culture and heavily influenced their art — ask them about the Googie star! LVFC will be their first con, and they’re excited to welcome you to their home town.

You can follow Ro on FuraffinityTelegram, or Twitter!

Tokens Arcade

WAH! TokensArcade returns to LVFC as a Guest of Honor to bring even more energetic entertainment in 2024! Tokens has hosted high-stakes game shows at various conventions for over a decade from Family Feud to The Jokers Wild and much more! For the last 4 years he’s shared his arcade and retro technology expertise on his TikTok page.

Add to that various specialized meetups and late night parties, Tokens has a whole gambit of fun prepared for the con!

You can find Tokens on various platforms!


Oddy is a husky and a passionate A/V professional of almost 20 years. He has helped produce the main stage over 250 events, from conventions to festivals, and countless stages in between. If you’ve been to any large furry convention in the last 10 years, chances are you’ve heard and seen what he loves doing.

Since Oddy was a kid, he’s also had a passion for music, having produced a number of originals and remixes. He picked up DJ’ing by extension, and he’s always excited to share music with friends! Recently, he got into doing stuff in VR and that’s opened up several, new and creative doors!

You can connect with Oddy on various platforms.


BardicRJ is a Welsh content creator known for their Twitch streams, YouTube videos, and TikToks. They primarily engage their audience with VRChat, while also delving into gaming, IRL content, and interviews at fur cons.

Bardic’s content is infused with an undeniable passion for entertainment. Their vibrant and energetic personality being present in their streams and videos. It’s not just about the laughs and excitement; Bardic is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming community where fans can connect and share their experiences.

They understand the importance of mental well-being and encourage their followers to prioritize self-care and personal growth. With a genuine desire to create a positive impact, and fight for a better life.

Whether you’re joining them in a game show, an omegle video, a TikTok skit, or a game of Kingdom Hearts. Bardic is sure to provide an honest experience. Get ready to laugh, connect, and embark on exciting virtual adventures with this talented content creator.

You can follow Bardic on Twitch or Twitter!