Our venue has asked us to prepare a list of special policies pertaining to LVFC.

As a note, we have buyout dates on Friday and Saturday; we have complete control of all the hotel rooms and this is why policies are relaxed on these dates.

Check-Ins: The hotel is allowing 18+ check-in for our event, and you are also free to book more than one hotel room. There is a $75 refundable deposit charged at check-in.

Fursuits: The hotel has requested that on days besides Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, fursuits do not linger in the lobby, restaurants, pool, the grounds, or other non-convention areas; on Monday, this rule is waived until check-out time (11 AM).

Parties: The hotel considers a party a gathering of more than 4 people in a room. On all days EXCEPT Friday and Saturday, the hotel will respond to noise complaints and issue no-warning evictions if they count more than 4 people in a room. If you wish to party on Thursday, we encourage you to attend Party Animals West at Area 15 nearby; it is a furry event at an arcade and bar with DJs from 9PM to 2AM. On Sunday, LVFC will have a 21+ Dance in venue space.

Alcohol: Alcohol may be freely consumed in hotel rooms. However, if you purchase alcohol from anywhere on hotel property, it must be consumed in that area. This refers to the restaurants, the on-site bar, and the makeshift bars we will be setting up on the Rooftop and Pool (Friday and Saturday night only), and Main Events (Sunday night only).

Outside Food and Beverage: The hotel does not allow outside food and beverage into the event space (the Apollo, Zeus and Parthenon ballrooms and all surrounding hallways as well as the Rooftop and Pool); small diabetic snacks are allowed per the ADA. The convention can be fined for every outside food and beverage brought into event space, so staff will have to confiscate any brought in.

Night Market: We will have an 18+ Night Market on Saturday from 9 PM to 2 AM in Main Events and the Zeus Foyer outside it. At this event, you are free to dress more suggestively, but you should not have any exposed nipples, buttcrack or genitalia and must cover up between the Night Market Area and your room. We will have a coat check at ConOps in the same area. At all other spaces and times, please adhere to a PG-13 dress code.