Live Performer Applications

Welcome to the Enfurtainment Capital of the World! We’re looking for live performers to start our year one!

We must emphasize that performing with us is a volunteer commitment; we do offer complimentary Attendee badges to each performer.

Deadline: All applications are due January 31st. Applications may be approved on a rolling basis, so the sooner they are in, the better!

Notes Before Applying

Availability: LVFC will have stage space available Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We offer both the main stage for more complex AV setups and the second stage on the rooftop for simpler setups. Flexibility will increase your chances of being selected.

Genre: Please note the genres you perform. We do try to preserve genre diversity.

Compensation: At present, performing at LVFC is entirely a volunteer act; we will comp Attendee badges, but you are responsible for your own room, board and transportation.

Tech Riders: LVFC will try to accommodate equipment needs. Please keep in mind we are a year one convention with a year one budget.

Please apply below!

How you’ll appear in our lineup.
What form of music do you play?
Please note any prior events or conventions you have performed at.
Please link a sample of your work here. Live performance recordings are preferred, but you can also link Youtube videos, Soundcloud, etc.
If you have any special equipment needs beyond a basic microphone and speaker setup, please put them here.
A note that second stage’s availability depends on whether or not it rains.