Come enjoy great music and good vibes on the Rooftop and fully embrace the adult aspects of the fandom! LVFC 2024 After Dark: Welcome to the Wasteland is a 21+ event where you can dress in your latex, leather, fursuit, ABDL gear (this is a dry event), pup gear, booty shorts, collars, harnesses, some sick new furry drip, or just your normal self! We’re taking over the Roof Top Main Stage where we’ll have DJs, a Coat Check, Bars, and the chance to hang out and meet your fellow attendees.

Note that this is a 21+ event, we will be checking for event wristbands or ID.

How To Get a Wristband: If you paid for registration prior to Tuesday, March 26th at 11:59 PM Pacific, wristbands may be acquired from the security desk in the lobby Thursday and Friday evenings; you can pick them up before your badg. Wristbands are good for the entire weekend and every attendee can only get one.



  • Photography of any kind is not allowed at LVFC After Dark.
  • Attendees must be 21+ to attend LVFC After Dark; ID checks are in place to access the space.
  • Attendees must keep their ID or wristband on them at all times and be 21+ to purchase and consume alcohol at the event
  • Attendees must follow the Code of Conduct agreed upon by the Hotel and LVFC. Read the full Code of Conduct.

LVFC After Dark Dress Code

This dress code is EXCLUSIVELY Saturday 9 pm to 2 am in the LVFC After Dark areas (Rooftop, Zeus and Parthenon Ballrooms).

The following may be worn ONLY at the LVFC After Dark Event.

  • Exposed padding (dry).
  • Plush sheaths, but not plush genitalia.
  • Harnesses over bare skin.
  • Leashes, but they may not be held by others.
  • Exposed buttocks, but not anus. Jockstraps are OK.

The following are PROHIBITED at the LVFC After Dark Event.

  • Exposed nipples regardless of gender identity. Pasties will be available.
  • Exposed pubic hair or anus.
  • Genitals, real or simulated, regardless of gender identity.
  • Secretions of bodily fluids or solids, real or simulated.
  • NO sexual acts*, NO bodily fluids, NO bodily odors!

Tips for having a great time:

  • Pregame water hydration is sexy.
  • Shower before the event, musk is for the hotel room.
  • Keep your ID and payment card and/or cash on you at the Event. The bars accept both cash and card.
  • Wristbands/valid photo ID are required to enter LVFC After Dark.
  • Watch our social media and Telegram channel for announcements.
  • Enjoy alcohol responsibly.

Coat Check

  • There is no changing room. Wear a coat or wrap over your outfit while in public areas.
  • Items will be tagged with badge numbers. Your con badge is your claim check.
  • LVFC is NOT responsible for wallets, phones, jewelry, or other valuables. Please leave them in your hotel room.
  • You must present your con badge to reclaim checked items.

*Sexual acts or contact, whether real or simulated, is prohibited. Sexual acts or contact includes, without limitation: penetration of any kind; the fondling of breasts, buttocks, or genitals even if the person is clothed; or any other behavior suggestive of sexual activities.