From lectures to meet and greets to game shows and showcases, practically anything can be done as a panel at a furry convention! This is our tentative list of panels and meetups and their descriptions.

We have a schedule for viewing; we recommend downloading it before the convention.

Please view our digital conbook below; we recommend downloading it before the convention due to size.

Panel Descriptions (Incomplete)

Panel NameHost(s)Description
Try Not to Laugh: Viva Paws Vegas! (18+)Alpha WolfioLas Vegas Fur Con needs a panel based on the improvisation of volunteers, and that panel is Try Not to Laugh! This panel is inspired by Smosh Pit’s “Try Not to Laugh” series on YouTube. Alpha has performed this panel at several conventions. There is much fun to be had, so bring your furry self to the panel. Harmonicas will be given out to those who are in the hot seat!!!
Convention History – Cons Before and After FurriesBash the PinataJoin us for a look at the over 80 year history of the convention scene from the early Worldcons to the modern virtual cons. We will look at the fandoms that shaped the earlier cons and paved the way for the furry conventions and what impact furries left on the overall con scene.
Reading Tarot the Furry WayBash the PinataWant to learn how to read tarot? What are the meanings behind each card? Join Inanimorphs the artist behind many tarot decks including the new black and white edition of the Journey of the Animal tarot for a crash course on the meaning behind the 22 major arcana and a breakdown of the minor arcana. From the early history of tarot to the evolution of the medium as a form of divination and the modern poker deck to handy tips for memorizing card meanings.
Shapeshifters & Transformation in Fiction – From Fables to Furry CultureBash the PinataFrom our earliest shamanic traditions, from demigods and werecreatures, to folklore and fables, on to modern entertainment and media, the concept of human to animal transformations have played a role in religious texts, morality tales, horror stories, to even the modern furry TF community. This panel summarizes this long history and analyzes themes from these types of stories.
Fursuit Tail Speedrun for CharityCass Ever wanted to know how fursuit tails were made? Ever wanted to see one made in under an hour? Look no further than the Fursuit Tail Speedrun for Charity, run by Cass & Jack of TOP Dog Studios! This panel is a Q&A and Speedrun panel in which you can answer whatever questions you desire about the fursuit making process while watching it happen before your very eyes. The tail will then be auctioned off at the Charity Auction once it is complete, in which anyone can bid on owning the tail for a good cause!
After Dark Furry Poetry Jam & Open Mic (18+)DanathDanath the Tiger hosts a lewd, crude, and funny furry poetry jam! Enjoy a verse or step up to the mic to deliver your own. All types of poetry, lyricism, and other verbal expression welcome!
Painting BackgroundsIfusJoin Ifus for a live digital painting demonstration for creating background scenery. Learn how composition, color and brushes can help you make a believable world for your characters!
Break out of that funk. It’s adventure time!Professor WolfHave you ever felt like you were in a funk you just couldn’t break out
of? Do you wish you had a way to add some spice to your life? Then join
us and break out of that funk with some adventure! In this panel,
Professor Wolf (an actual college professor) discusses ways to pull out
of slumps and find more meaning in life. (As a bonus, you get to see
Professor Wolf’s photos from the Chornobyl Nuclear Exclusion Zone. Don’t
miss it!)
Earth Furiendly Sustainable LivingProfessor WolfHave you heard folks throwing around the word sustainable a lot lately?
Have you ever wondered what it means to be sustainable? In this panel,
Professor Wolf (an actual college professor) will discuss what it means
to be sustainable and how we can do our part to make the Earth a more
hospitable place for all life forms.
Regenerate Pawsitive CommunitiesProfessor WolfDo you like gardening? Or is gardening something that interests you?
Even those of us without the space can get involved with gardens in our
community! This panel explores the regenerative gardening movement and
discusses how gardening and community involvement can improve our health
and well-being. You don’t need any prior experience to join the panel!
Just scootch your tail in here and join the movement!
Kandi TradingRuefAn event for trading Kandi! Bring some Kandi to trade or show off. If you’re brand new, we’ll have packs of 2-3 singles that you can choose to keep or trade with others!
Tiktok Creation PanelTokens ArcadeTokens leads a group discussion on how to make TikTok content, from editing to networking! Audience participation is heavily encouraged!
Furry Family FeudTokens ArcadeOn your marks….let’s start….THE FAMILY FEUD! Join us for this furry fandom themed version of the classic game show with all the sights, sound effects, and music cues of the real show! Topics range from fursuiting, to artwork, pop culture, and everything in between! Ten members of the audience who wish to participate will be selected to play for the chance to win prizes after winning in the qualifying round!
Furry JeopardyTokens ArcadeTHIS….IS….JEOPARDY! Test your knowledge in this furry-themed spoin on America’s #1 quiz show of answers and questions featuring the signs and classic music of the real show! Categories will range from fursuiting, to artwork, pop culture, convention life, and everything in between! Contestants will be chosen from the audience after qualifying and will use their phones as the buzzers!
NOTE: Potential players MUST provide their own internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to be a contestant.
Furries with DisabilitiesViryThe fandom helps people with disabilities transform into their OC letting them be who they want to be just like every other furry in the fandom. This panel discusses how people with disabilities can express themselves in the fandom and meet others on how the fandom has helped in their lives.


Las Vegas Fur Con is pleased to announce it has a designated meetup room, currently capable of holding about 90 participants.

Meetup NameHost(s)Description
AD Twitter Meet (18+)Arashi AkitaWhere adults come to play! Disclaimer, there won’t be any of that happening in this meet! This is a meet for everyone who are involved with the AD twitter scene whether being a content creator yourself, just a fan of it, or curious adults who are curious about this side of the fandom.
Garden Furs Meet and GreetProfessor WolfA meet and greet for all of us who love all things green! Meet your fellow garden furs and exchange your best growing tips!
Squeak and greet!Squishy
Have you always been curious what those big inflatable toys you may have seen are about? Well you’ve come to the right place! Ask questions, get pics and even display your own toys at this fun, air filled and squeaky panel!
Stellar Meet and GreetStellar the DutchieFor anyone who knows who I am, or wants to get to know me. I am Stellar and I make videos on TikTok to uplift and make others smile. I push positivity and show fellow furries that you don’t need to let hate comments affect you.
TikTok Furs Meet and GreetTokens ArcadeWhether you’re a creator or consumer of TikTok content, this panel is a great place to network with the TikTok furs community!
Vore Furs Meet And Eat (18+)Tokens ArcadeHungry to eat….err…MEET new friendsw or see some old ones for dinner? Join use here with your fellow Vore furries for a mouth-watering experience! We will be distributing free badges for those that identify as “Pred”, “Prey”, or “Switch” while supplies last. Badges created by our resident artist, HeatZone. Hope you got an appetite for fun!