LVFC has a Dealers Den, Artist Alley, and Adult Dealers Den, with dozens of exhibitors showcasing all kinds of goods for purchase! These are collectively our “vendor spaces.”

Getting There:

Facing the main Pool from the lobby, take a right and head into the conference center.

Once inside, take a left and head to the end of the hall. You will reach the security checkpoint.

Once past the checkpoint, you will be in Artist Alley, where vendors change daily. In the hallway, the closest pair of doors is the entrance to Dealers Den (Parthenon 1 and 3). Going further down the hall, on your left is the Adult Dealers Den (Parthenon 5), where NSFW goods are openly displayed.

In order to enter LVFC’s vendor spaces for 2024, you will require three things: registration, ID, and a mask.

  • Registration. You must be wearing your convention badge which is proof of registration. Convention registration is created and paid for via ConCat, and then picked up at Registration (located in Apollo; facing the lobby front entrance, keep heading right). We encourage registering before arrival at the hotel to minimizz wait times.
  • ID. ID can be satisfied by showing photo ID or a wristband issued by security for anyone 21 or older. Wristbands are good for the weekend with a limit of one per person; however, they are available only for those who register and pay by 11:59 PM Pacific on Tuesday, March 26th.
  • Masks. Any face covering can work, including balaclava under fursuits. We recommend KN95s or N95s for maximum protection of yourself. The convention provides face masks free of charge to all attendees, but encourages you to bring your own or to reuse masks we give.


2024 Vendor Hours (All Spaces)


  • Setup (Vendors Only): 9 AM-9 PM


  • Setup (Vendors Only): 9-11 AM
  • Staff/Super Sponsor Hour: 11 AM-12 PM
  • Public Hours (All Attendees): 12-6 PM
  • Close-up (Vendors Only): 6-7 PM


  • Setup (Vendors Only): 9-11 AM
  • Public Hours: 11 AM-6 PM
  • Close-up (Vendors Only): 6-7 PM


  • Setup (Vendors Only): 9-11 AM
  • Public Hours: 11 AM-5 PM
  • Final Teardown (Vendors Only): 5-10 PM