Las Vegas Fur Con 2025:

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Spring 2025
Alexis Park Resort and Serene Boutique

Thank you everyone for another successful year! Events like these are not possible without the attendees and staff behind them! Some 2024 statistics for you:

  • 2024 Badges Printed: 2,141 (+44.4%)
  • 2024 Total Charity: $10,352.97 (+66.4%)
  • 2024 Fursuiters: 892 (+43.2%)

The aftermath of nuclear war has left the world unhospitable, and it is time to seek out a new one! Join us on our colony ship as we seek a new home among the stars!

Las Vegas Fur Con returns for a third year at the Alexis Park Resort and Serene Boutique in Spring 2025!


Hotels are not yet open.


Registration for Las Vegas Fur Con 2025 is not yet open. Registration is 21+ only. The earlier you register, the less you pay!


  • Optional Vaccine Raffle!

    In an effort to increase attendee safety, the Board of Directors has approved additional incentives for up-to-date vaccinations. These are OPTIONAL and separate from the requirements for registration. If you show ConOps proof of a COVID-19 vaccination AND influenza vaccination after September 2023, you will receive the following rewards: Raffle Prizes The grand prize for…

  • Free Reg Fridays Return for 2024!

    For the 2023 con, we ran a drawing every Friday leading up to the con where we comped or upgraded registrations to encourage people to register earlier. We want to know how much of a headcount we can expect for our second year, so we’ve brought Free Reg Friday back! We will choose 11 winners,…

  • Hotel Buyout For Sunday

    Hello vault residents! We have extended our stay in the vault’s safety! We have bought out Sunday at the Alexis Park. Parties will be allowed and all on-site food and drink purchases will count towards the con’s food and beverage. To clairfy: while some non-attendees will be in the lobby to see the resort’s theater…