Las Vegas Fur Con has 4 mascots, all representing card suits, face cards, and different aspects of our diverse fandom. They are all designed by Jaykie / OneCoolFoxxo!

Fanart Policy: LVFC welcomes fanart and may be tagged with it using @LasVegasFurCon or with the hashtag #LVFC2025 (adjust the year in the hashtag as needed).

Mature Fanart Policy: LVFC cannot stop you from making NSFW fanart of our mascots, but we do ask that it be appropriately tagged as mature where posted and not use our official hashtags to avoid accidental exposure.


Species: Coyote

Gender Identity: Agender

Pronouns: E/em/eir preferred, but he/him acceptable

Suit: Spades

Represents: The duality of many furs, living one life outside the fandom and living another inside it.

Miscellaneous: Ace forms the entertainment act Alakazoo with Jackpot, serving as its magician, guitarist and backup vocalist. When not performing, e sometimes struggles with kleptomania, which Jackpot helps em manage.


Species: Bighorn Sheep

Gender Identity: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Suit: Hearts

Represents: The adults-only side of the fandom. One does not need to participate in this side to be a furry, but the fandom should not deny its existence either.

Miscellaneous: Kingsly works as a bouncer, but loves to ride his motorcyle in his free time. The large heart-shaped mark on his chest is a powerful metaphor for how he will do everything he can to provide for his three partners.

“Queen” Sierra

Species: Mountain Puma

Gender Identity: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Suit: Diamonds

Represents: The active social and party scene at conventions, as well as the richness of the furry artist community.

Miscellaneous: Sierra is a freelance artist, with her extroverted tendences having gone a long way to secure her many friends and business partners. Due to her success financially and socially, she has often been dubbed “Queen” Sierra.


Species: Jackrabbit

Gender Identity: Nonbinary

Pronouns: They/Them

Suit: Clubs

Represents: The diversity of furry entertainment, from its game shows to its raves and concerts!

Miscellaneous: Jackpot forms half of Alakazoo! with Ace, serving as its singer and comedian. The rabbit’s always-jolly demeanor belies a deep understanding not all problems can be solved with just a smile.