LVFC welcomes gatherings with friends! We require responsible fun, however, so have a few policies and recommendations anyone staying at our partner properties or attending our convention are expected to follow.

Southern Nevada Anthropomorphic Events and Las Vegas Fur Con assume no responsibility for room parties; party hosts and guests violate laws or codes at your own risk. Hosts of room parties accept full responsibility for any damages or loss related to their party and the hotel room including but not limited to fees for cleaning, property damage, and room resets. SNAE will cooperate with venues and law enforcement as necessary for any violations of laws and policies.

Please note there are general party policies, but also hotel-specific policies; read both to ensure you are compliant.

Hotel-Specific Policies

Alexis Park

            Alexis Park defines “parties” as any gathering of more than 4 people in a room. It welcomes room parties Thursday 4/17, Friday 4/18, Saturday 4/19, and Sunday 4/20, our “buyout dates.” It has a strict No Party Policy all other days; if hotel security finds more than 4 people in a room in response to a noise complaint, it may evict everyone present without warning.

            On buyout dates, we have a “Noisy Block” at back of the Alexis Park. The “Noisy Block” rooms – buildings 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29 – have quiet hours of 2 AM; if you book a Noisy Block room, you agree to not file noise complaints with the hotel on buyout nights. Parties may continue past this hour so long as they do not disrupt guests. All “Noisy Block” rooms have “Extended Stay” in their name at booking, featuring a full-sized fridge and stovetop, making them ideal for serving food.   

LVFC has a Party Maven team operating out of Room 2501. This room provides a space for relaxation and is a first point of contact for any party safety concerns.

On buyout nights, all other Alexis Park rooms have quiet hours of 12 AM.

Please observe the following courtesies in our Noisy Block:

  • If there are any noise complaints, please direct them to our Party Maven, who is on shift until 2 AM. On Friday and Saturday night, the convention is responsible for noise complaints.
  • Parties should begin to quiet down after 2 AM.
  • Avoid the use of subwoofers, yelling or howls. If it is becoming difficult to hear people talk, your party is likely getting too loud.
  • While noise complaints are limited in the Noisy Block, the convention can still ask you to quiet a room down if it reaches sufficiently loud levels, e.g. 90 decibels.

Serene Boutique


All Other Properties

            All other hotels do not have special concessions with LVFC, and you should follow property rules on noise.

General Policies and Recommendations


  • It is a room host’s responsibility to make sure all guests are properly ID’d before being served alcohol. The convention has 21+ wristbands, but these ONLY are meant for convention functions. Exercise good judgment and ID anyone suspicious.
  • LVFC recommends requiring a convention badge for attendance; this helps ensure your guests are members of the community.  
  • The LVFC staff reserve the right to still ask for IDs regardless of wristbands and other identifiers.
  • If you are found serving alcohol to people under the age of 21, you will be reported to authorities and banned from the convention. Your room will also be forfeited without a refund.

Other Policies

  • Please serve your guests responsibly. If someone is getting too drunk, please stop serving them and give them water or another drink instead. You may also call the Party Maven for assistance.
  • You are responsible for any damages to your room. Please contact the Party Maven or LVFC staff if any guests get out of hand.
  • Parties may be shut down if they are causing disturbances to guests or hotel property, at the discretion of LVFC.
  • Fog machines and open flames are prohibited.
  • If you are aware of a life-threatening emergency, immediately call 911. Your health and safety are paramount – even in cases of life-threatening drug reactions or overdoses, including your own, immediately seek help; you are protected from legal trouble per NRS chapter 453C.
  • Room hosts, should, if possible, open windows to increase ventilation to minimize overheating and spread of disease.
  • Room guests should never leave drinks unattended.
  • In properties shared with the general public, doors should not be left open; this avoids noise traveling.