The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal civil rights bill which protects all Americans with disabilities. Not all disabilities are visible, with disabilities including cancer, diabetes, autism, HIV, and many other health conditions.

LVFC is committed to providing an equitable experience for all our attendees with accessibility needs.

Please email with any concerns about accessibility so that we can take steps to try and accommodate you.

We have provided a short list of situations you may encounter and your relevant rights in them. As a general rule, it is illegal for anyone to ask “what is your disability” or for any proof thereof. The proper questions involve asking if you require accommodation, and if so, what can be done.


The Alexis Park convention center has a single small elevator which is accessibility-only. Any attendee who requires it for accessibility should be accommodated by the hotel. All other attendees, please use the stairs to reduce strain on the elevator and possibly taking it offline.


While most restaurants will make an effort to serve allergen or gluten-free food upon request, this is typically not a requirement. We recommend calling ahead to make sure a restaurant can accommodate any dietary restrictions.

Hotel Rooms and Check-In

Alexis Park hotel rooms do not have elevators. All Crown Loft and 2 Bedroom suites are on the second level. Any room with with a 50 or above in its room number is second floor (e.g. 1352, 1463, etc.).

At Alexis Park, to book an ADA room, book a Deluxe Queen, call to speak to the manager-on-duty, then ask them to note an ADA room. To ensure a ground floor room, book a room with “Deluxe” in the name.

If you have a service animal, you cannot be asked what disability the animal is for. Hotel staff may ask what the service animal does for you. You cannot be charged a pet deposit for service animals. Under both ADA and NRS, only dogs and miniature horses can be service animals; any other animals (such as emotional support animals) are allowed at hotel discretion.

We recommend reading the full service animal guidance for Nevada.

ASL Interpreters

For attendees in need of ASL interpretation, your registration page has a box to check for requesting these services. LVFC will follow up with you closer to con to try and schedule interpreters for events you plan to attend.


Accessibility issues encountered at-con or questions should be forwarded to so we can discuss them with the appropriate parties.

You can read more about the ADA here.