Registration Policies (Last Updated 6/18/2024)

Purchasing and Refunds

  • LVFC Registration is 21+. Anyone under 21 cannot receive a badge/wristband.
  • Registration does not accept cash or card at-con. All registration must be paid for online via ConCat.
  • Refunds are allowed any time, provided a badge has not been picked up.


  • Physical badges are non-transferable after pickup.
  • Badges which have not been picked up may be transferred to someone else in ConCat.

Attendance Pickup

  • All attendees must show government-issued photo ID to pick up their registration.
  • Badges/wristbands must be worn at all times when accessing convention space.
  • Physical badges/wristbands are non-transferable.
  • Badges/wristbands are property of the convention until its conclusion and must be turned over at staff’s request.

Badge Reprints

  • The first reprint for a lost badge is $5. After that, it is full price.
  • Reprints are done at registration and must be noted by Registration Lead.

Wristband Replacements

  • LVFC 21+ Wristbands cannot be replaced and are meant for the whole weekend. They may only be replaced if the original is turned into security (e.g. a wristband has become too tight).


  • Any registrations which are not picked up are fully refundable until 60 days after the con.
  • After 60 days, any unclaimed registration becomes a rollover credit for the following year. Rollovers are applied as vouchers for the following year, based on value at time of purchase (e.g. if a badge is purchased at $85 early bird, it is only worth $85 as a rollover even if the at-con price is $100).
  • If badge is still not picked up by end of the next con, it will be considered a donation.