Register for LVFC 2025!

In order to attend LVFC 2025, you must:

  • Be 21 or older. Please bring photo ID. LVFC is a 21+ con, no exceptions.
  • Read, understand, and agree to all convention policies and any revisions thereof by registering. Failure to follow policies can result in revocation of your registration at the convention’s discretion with no entitlement to refund. These policies include but are not limited to:
  • Pay for registration. We do not accept cash or other physical payment methods (i.e. card reader); all payments should be made via our registration website on ConCat. We recommend registering as early as possible.

At-con, we will have a Help Desk for anyone with accessibility needs or issues registering.

LVFC does not sell day passes, but instead discounts registration as the weekend goes on.

We check for badges to access con spaces such as Dealers Den, our stages, or the Rooftop Party.

LVFC reserves the right to cancel any room in its hotel blocks without an associated registration.

Benefits of Registering Early

All our registrations are processed by the same system regardless of when they come in, and badges are issued on-demand, but there are several benefits to registering before the convention:

  • Early registrations have priority for contracted hotel rooms.
  • You don’t have to worry about spotty Wi-Fi at-con delaying your ability to register/pay.
  • You don’t have to pull out your credit card in a crowded room at-con.
  • Earlier registrations cost less (see Prices below).
  • Earlier registrations help us predict attendance and better prepare for certain events.
  • If your plans change, you can receive a refund!

New for 2025: If you’re waiting to pay later on so you can give more to the con, it is now possible to add a donation to LVFC to a registration. Please note this is a donation to LVFC itself, not its partner charity. If you want to donate to our partners, Las Vegas Trans Pride, please donate direct at their website.

Registration Tiers

For 2025, LVFC has four registration tiers: Attendee, Sponsor, Super Sponsor, and Lifetime Attendee.



  • Through 12/31: $85
  • Through 3/31: $90
  • Through 4/18: $95
  • 4/19: $60
  • 4/20: $25

Attendees receive:

  • Access to the convention all weekend.
  • Drink tickets, good for 2 soft drinks OR 1 alcoholic drink from Alexis Park’s pop-up bars (such as on the Rooftop). If a drink is more expensive than your ticket, you can pay the difference. We cannot guarantee at-con registrations receive tickets, as they are purchased in advance; register early to ensure you have drink tickets.
  • A pocket guide of our schedule.
  • A convention lanyard.
  • A bottle of LVFC-branded hand sanitizer.

Sponsor ($170, available until 3/31)

Sponsors are people eager to support the convention, and receive Attendee perks plus the following additional benefits:

  • A convention T-Shirt
  • A ticket to the Sponsor buffet (date and time TDB)
  • A Sponsor ribbon to attach to badges
  • Earlier access to registration.
  • Tier 3 Dealers Den tickets; you will have access after Staff and Super Sponsors but before Attendees

Super Sponsor ($240, available 6/21 until 3/31)

Super Sponsors REALLY want to support the con, and receive all previous benefits plus the following:

  • Swag TBD
  • Tier 2 Dealers Den tickets; you will have access after Staff and before everyone else.
  • A Super Sponsor ribbon.
  • Earlier access to registration.
  • If registering before the general hotel opening, you will have a guaranteed room at Alexis Park. Super Sponsorships are limited in number before the general opening. You will also receive booking links for all other properties before general attendees.
  • Priority access to our larger rooms: Crown Lofts, Majestics, Regals, and Noisy Block rooms. Large numbers of these are set aside for Super Sponsors (though some are still available for general attendees).

Lifetime Attendee ($1000, available until 3/31)

Lifetime Attendee is our new “Lifetime” tier for 2025 onward. This is a great tier if you plan to come every year, with the following terms:

  • Comped Super Sponsor attendance for your first year, then Attendee for every year LVFC exists. Comped Attendee has the at-con value and can be used as a discount on upgrades to Sponsor+ each year.
  • LVFC reserves the right to buy back Lifetime registrations after the first year for the face value at time of purchase.
  • Lifetime registrations can be paid in installments of $250.

Registration Questions

Do you offer day passes?

LVFC does not offer day passes, but instead discounts registration as the weekend goes on. This is because we partner with venue security for badge checks.

Do you offer refunds if I can’t make it?

If you have purchased your registration, you can go to your order on ConCat and hit “Submit Refund Request.”

Why don’t you mail badges?

Furry convention attendees prefer personalized badges with their names on them, and mailing badges requires a lot of labor; badge printing has become more efficient since the 1980s, with badges being printed quickly on-site, making the wait negligible with adqeuate staff. In addition, verifying attendees in-person promotes community safety.

What does my badge pay for?

Badges cover the cost of venue hire, equipment rental, booking guests, supplies, and help us meet financial obligations such as buyout guarantees for rooms; these costs together are in the six digits. Even if you are only here for our many parties, please consider buying a badge; if we can’t meet our contractual obligations, the parties will go away too.

Other Questions?

Please do not hesitate to email us at