Las Vegas Fur Con has been held in Las Vegas since 2023, with a record 1,483 attendees for a first year furry convention.

Every furry convention is different with its own rules and “vibe,” and LVFC is no different. For those of you new to LVFC, we have prepared a brief guide of key things to know:

  • LVFC is a 21+ event (whereas most US furry conventions are all ages). There are ID checks to access all essential con functions (Dealers Den, Main Events, etc.). We recommend picking up a 21+ wristband (good for all 3 days) from Alexis Park security to avoid needing to fish for an ID.
  • LVFC’s main properties are furry-only. LVFC is centered on two buyout properties: the Alexis Park and Serene Boutique. The convention has bought out all rooms in both, so only furries are on-site barring the Alexis Park lobby (which has a public theater).
  • LVFC is a “horizontal” convention with minimal elevators. The Alexis Park and Serene Boutique are laid out in two-stories with stairwells to avoid long elevator lines. Elevators are available for accessibility to access event space. This makes us a very “walkable” convention, with rooms laid out around courtyards and outdoors paths, creating a “college dorm” vibe.
  • LVFC is BIPOC and trans-run. The majority of LVFC leadership are trans and/or BIPOC. LVFC stands firmly with marginalized communities.
  • LVFC’s rooms are mostly suites! At the Alexis Park, rooms start at 450 square feet, with many being 600 or more. Most of the Serene’s rooms are suites as well.
  • LVFC has a “Noisy Block” of 132 rooms at Alexis Park. Any room with “Extended” in its name is a Noisy Block room. Buildings 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29 at back of property have later quiet hours of 2 AM on buyout dates (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights) and an agreement that these rooms do not file noise complaints; these rooms are perfect for anyone wanting to hold gatherings. They all come with stovetops and full-sized fridges for attendees wanting to hold banquets with friends! You do not need to be a party host to be in the Noisy Block, nor do you need to be in the Noisy Block to host friends; the block is simply optimized for night owls.
  • The Rooftop Terrace at Alexis Park hosts our dance on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. With a view of the Las Vegas skyline and a bar for drink service, it’s a unique experience you don’t want to miss!
  • LVFC is a “noisy” con. Between the Rooftop dances and Noisy Block, the Alexis Park tends to be a fairly loud venue. We offer earplugs at ConOps and Party Maven, but if you want to retire early, we recommend a “quieter” hotel like the Serene, Virgin or Tuscany.
  • LVFC is minutes from the Las Vegas Airport and Strip. If you wanted an excuse to see all Vegas has to offer with other furries, this is it!
  • LVFC has many restaurants and grocery stores in walking distance. While we encourage using our hotel restaurants and convenience store to keep our event’s costs down (we are obligated to raise a certain amount of food/drink sales or pay the diffeerence), please see all the food options nearby.