Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains frequently asked questions the convention receives; we recommend looking here before reaching out to us to ensure your question has not already been asked. You can contact us directly here.

Are minors allowed to attend?

LVFC is 21+ indefinitely. Our parent organization plans to hold events for younger furs in the future.

Why the 21+ policies?

LVFC has adopted these policies largely to improve relationships with Vegas venues. Most Las Vegas venues are adult-oriented and see 18+ and 21+ conventions (especially when they’re new) as a means to reduce liability given the drinking and gambling age of 21.

Why are you on Easter?

Furries, as a whole, do not gamble. This restricts how many casino venues want furry business; casinos make up the vast majority of Las Vegas convention venues. This in turn limits negotiating power with non-casino properties. As a result, we are usually presented with a handful of less desirable dates such as Easter weekend, but this is the least concerning proposal; our alternatives are typically:

  • The weekend before Thanksgiving
  • The weekend before Christmas
  • The weekend after New Years
  • Weekdays

Why do you ID check some events when the con is 18/21+?

Badges can be swapped (which is against our Rules and grounds for a ban), so are not an adequate replacement for ID. Our event uses wristbands for attendees to reduce ID checks.

Will COVID-19 vaccines, tests, or masks be required?

There is no official COVID-19 policy for 2025 at this time. You should assume we will have some kind of measures in place.

Is this con associated with this convention or this person?

Las Vegas Fur Con is a convention with a brand new team. It is not run by prior event organizers who used the #lasvegasfurcon hashtag in the past, nor Corgi Events, which hosted the 18+ only Sin City Murr Con. See our About Us to learn more about our history and board. Las Vegas Fur Con is run by a largely local team.

Why isn’t the convention at [venue]?

Most venues in Las Vegas have very high food and beverage commitments, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is currently out of LVFC’s budget.

Why won’t you issue a statement on banning or trespassing a person?

Issuing statements on bans and trespasses opens an event to defamation suits, as seen here and here.