Volunteering with LVFC

Volunteer Applications are Open!

Whether you desire a multi-day staffing position or just wish to donate a few hours of your time, LVFC appreciates any and all the volunteers who make this convention possible, and we have many open positions to fill. Las Vegas Fur Con is a nonprofit event staffed entirely by volunteers; no one receives cash for their work on the convention.

One of the relatively-rare features of SNV Anthro Events, LVFC’s parent organization, is that it incorporates democracy into its structure: people who volunteer 8 or more hours for the organization are granted voting rights for general meetings and board elections. This promotes accountability within our organization.

At LVFC, we have two categories of volunteers: Staff and Recruits. Based on the amount of hours worked (which can be calculated based on time-and-a-half or double time) and whether one is classed as Staff or Recruit, there are different comps.

Our volunteer system is built into our registration system, so in order to apply as a volunteer, go to https://reg.lasvegasfurcon.org/apply/volunteer or click on the button above and sign in with the same account you purchased registration with.

Staff and Recruits must both agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct included in the application.


Recruits are people who have recently joined our team, and typically are brought on at-con. We do not expect them to necessarily fulfill their shifts, but those who do are far more likely to be considered for staff in a future year.

Becoming a Recruit requires no experience, no interview, just a willingness to help the con out however you can. In return, you can get the perks below! Each level includes the perks listed in the level prior. We will work around whatever hours you tell us you will be free, and there will be plenty of opportunities to get more hours as the con goes on.

4 Hours

  • Pick up your badge from Volunteer Desk rather than registration. Pre-registration required.
  • A volunteer gift.

8 Hours

  • Early access to the next year’s room block.
  • $25 in Con Store credit.

12 Hours

  • Refund of your attendee-level badge after the con.

12+ Hours

Nothing. We do not expect Recruits to work beyond 12 hours and want them to enjoy the convention.


Staff are people we can rely on, those who have committed to a certain number of hours which we assume they will fill. A lot of their work is pre-convention as well. They are typically people we have worked with or who have experience volunteering at other conventions. Members of our Staff, also known as Officers, are tasked with a specific role but are also expected to help out with whatever responsibilities they may need to take up.

Staff (or officers) are assigned to a particular Department; Executive Departments are managed by Directors, or Heads, who report directly to the Convention Chair(s). These Executive Departments in turn are divided into lower departments or teams; the leaders of these teams are known “Leads.” Leads, in addition to their duties, are also in charge of supervising their own set of staff and recruits.

Staff committing to higher levels should expect to be on call in case unexpected gaps arise.

8 Hours

  • Free Attendee-level registration.
  • Early hotel block access before Super Sponsors.
  • Pick up your badge from the Volunteer Desk to avoid registration waits. Must pre-register before the convention.
  • Ace plush discounted to $25 instead of $35.
  • All other Con Store items discounted by 20%.
  • Front of line benefits when off-shift.
  • Early access to Dealers Den during Super Sponsor hour on Friday.

12 Hours

  • Free Sponsor-level registration.

16 Hours

  • Free Super Sponsor-level registration.

20+ Hours

  • Resort fee on room waived or paid by convention (Alexis Park only). Your name on the room must match the name on your staff registration. This benefit is only available for staff members joining earlier on and not available at-con or close to con.


At present, LVFC is organized into 7 Executive Departments: HR, Venue, Marketing, Operations, Programming, Sales, and A/V. We anticipate as we grow and our needs evolve, we will create more departments and reorganize exact sub-departments/offices.

For more information, check out our Teams and Roles page.